Cogs, Cyborgs, and Splicers


Much like equipment, Cogs, Cybernetics, and Splicing can be purchased for a nominal fee. As a counterbalance to this, I am requiring special attributes and an aspect that represent the considerable changes to the normal form. These changes come in a variety of ways, like increase power supply for Cogs, Immune suppression therapy for Cyborgs, and new organs for splicers.


For players who want to be a Cog, they must have an aspect that explains both that they are a cog and what generation it is. This aspect by itself gives the character a lot of pluses and minuses. Cogs have no need to eat, drink, or breath. They do however sleep in a recharge cycle that takes roughly 8 hours. Negative effects to being a cog range from being treated as objects, to being more effected by electrical damage. While not affected by mental psionics, they are instead vulnerable to cyber attack which can be a lot more common.

After aspect, a player may invest in a special attribute called cybernetics. Cybernetics allows the character to add various new technologies to their internal systems. Their outer frame may also be both weaponized and armored, however see Resources for a better use of this.

For people who wish to simply own a cog, invest in Resources.

Cargo system 20 lbs/point
Internal Weapon/Tool one/point
Enhanced Scanners
Internal Comm Systems
Internal Jump Pack
Extra Limb (collapsible)
Personal Wifi


Typical Cybernetics are commonplace, as a futuristic form of plastic surgery. These types of enhancements are mostly visual or as replacements. They act and function similarly to their human counterpart so are ignored. The cybernetics attribute in this case is used for people who have decided to incorporate extensive “upgrades” to their body. Cyborgs in many ways are like biological cogs, however, such talk is slanderous. These extensive cybernetics always makes them social pariahs with elitist, bushiness, and certain commoners. Though certain outer colonies or areas may not care, especially in places where hacksaw surgeons still exist.

Just like for Cogs each point of cybernetics may be spend on bonuses.

Enhanced Attribute (up to +2 total over all stats)
Personalized Hud/hololens
Razor Nails
Atmos Systems
Hidden Subsystems


Hated almost as much as Echoes, Splicers are people who enhance themselves though genetic splicing. They may look more or less human, but almost all splicers have a tell which will be picked up in most established colonies.

Splicing works exactly like cogs and cyborgs. Their special attribute is called Genetics.

Enhanced Movement (swimming, climbing)
Regeneration (Minor Wounds)

Cogs, Cyborgs, and Splicers

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