Creating a Character

Starting Characters

Fate characters are made per the Fae book, picking various aspects, approaches (or attributes in this game), and stunts.


A character will have between 6-7 aspects depending on the players choices. A player will pick both a High Concept and Trouble per normal. The player then can pick 3 additional aspects. Additionally a second trouble and possible bonus aspect will be in play for this campaign. The second trouble must be based on a financial debt that binds the characters together as mercenaries.


A character is made up of a variety of attributes which allows them to interact within the story. These attributes are as follows Brawn, Dexterity, Agility, Intelligence, Perception, and Charisma.

  • Brawn – Strength, constitution, shields, and melee
  • Dexterity – Ranged attacks, Light Weapons, Manual Dexterity, Parry
  • Agility – Speed, Coordination, Initiative, Ranged Defense
  • Intelligence – Knowledge, Languages, Mental Defense
  • Perception – Sensory Detection
  • Charisma – Social Skills

Some players may dislike an attribute system as opposed to the skill system in Fate Core. My suggestion is for those players to focus on creating aspect and possibly stunts that fill this preference.

Starting Attributes are 1 + 3, 2 +2, and 3 + 1.


There are several extras that are used in this campaign to represent different ideas. The four most common would be Psionics, Cybernetics, Resources, and Genetics. These are explained in more detail on their own pages, but the expectation is that each idea can be explained by a combination of aspect, special attributes, and stunts. In accommodation to these extra abilities a starting character gets three special attribute points and may pick between a bonus aspect, an addition refresh, or 2 attribute bumps (only 1 per attribute).

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Stunts are pretty open for a Fae game. Ideas from Fate Core as well as Fae will be used. Some suggestions will be found on their specific pages. The primary exception is that rules exceptions that allow attributes to substitute for other attributes may only be used once per scene and refueled by fate points.

Stunts for extras work more as specialization for already chosen bonuses. An example would be someone who takes hidden weapon could have a stunt that gives them +2 to attack when the weapon is first used in a combat scene.

Creating a Character

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