Planetary Information

The earth that was once humanities home is no more. Its atmosphere has become permanently radiated by several orbiting satellites, which continually produce high concentrations of radiation. Most of the radiation protects each satellite, but the rest seeds earths atmosphere constantly. This give the planet an acidic green look from space.

On the ground the radiation is noticeable, but survivable, without long term exposure. This exposure has radically effected the landscape, destroy much of the plant and animal life. Many objects and landscapes are highly radioactive from the constant build up from the atmosphere, including almost all above ground water. Many mutations are said to have occurred within all types of organic matter.

Human Interactions

Though honored by human culture, earth is now commonly known as the prison planet, which gets regular drop ships from the Lunar Base. Otherwise, only the most diehard scavengers, archaeologists, and scientists ever attempt landfall. Many such expeditions have never returned.

  • Its a common belief that if any prisoner ever escapes earth that he/she will be pardoned due to the deceased status given upon entry to earth.


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