Early Expansionism

Even before Mar’s was completely terraformed both Biocraft and Omnitech set out to create other colonies and stations throughout the solar system. They received government approval by the late 24th century and several Cog filled ships were sent to other parts of the solar system including Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. These ships paved the way for later exploration, but it wasn’t until the invention of the Dark Drive that serious expansionism set by the mid 26th century.

Current Expansion

By the current year 2786, all major colonization points in the system have been established. Most current plans are to expand each foothold and continue to rebuild Humanities power base.

Future Expansion

Most scientists and explorers hope to finally leave the solar system within the next hundred years, with exploratory mission occurring within the next decade. The hopes are that space buoys can be used to travel dark space at even these larger distances, included between systems.


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