Psionics are considered a part of human evolution, which is the primary saving grace for the Biocraft megacorp whose genetic research is considered heresy. Mechanically when compared to previous extras, psionics are much more powerful and varied. This difference in power level, also changes its basic use. A psychic must have an aspect representing its basic abilities such as Telekinesis or Telepathy. Have just an aspect represents latent ability which can only be used with fate points. The special attribute psionics represents a character training, which allows the character to use it in many mundane ways. Stunts, however, is where a psionics true power lies allowing a psychic to break the laws of nature. Most psychics only have one such power.


The telekinesis aspect allows a character to enhance their effect on the world around them. A tk hits harder or dodges objects that shouldn’t be dodgeable.

Points in the psionics attribute allows tks to effect the world around them to a limited degree (think a more open version of mage hand). Not particularly useful in combat, but may be used for a variety of actions with low weight objects.

Stunts in tk start with the basic stunt Telekinetic Force. More stunts may be added afterwards that enhance or increase the amount of uses. The following is one such stunt chain.

  • Telekinetic Force – May use psionics attribute to attack, defend, overcome, or create 1/scene.
  • Telekinetic Attack – May use psionics attribute to attack 1/scene plus once per fate point used.
  • Telekinetic Weapon – Your telekinetic attacks take the form of a specialized weapon, such attacks gain + 2 to attack.

A specialized form of tk is pyrokinesis or the creation of fire. It may be used as an altered form of tk with certain stunts.


The telepathy aspect allows a latent character to enhance mental and charismatic attributes by tuning into the people around them.

A Telepath who has the psionic skill may use it in place of other rolls if they can tune into the people in question.

Stunts in tp start with telepathic connection. Other stunts build upon this stunt, as seen below.

  • Telepathic Connection – A character mentally connects to another allowing them to attack, defend, overcome, or create once per scene.
  • Telepathic Diversion – Once per scene a character may create an advantage, plus once per fate point.
  • Vivid Hallucinations – When creating an advantage with telepathy a character gets + 2 to the roll.

Empaths are a certain type of telepaths who work of emotions rather than knowledge. An empath may simply alter telepathy aspects and stunts to better suit them.


A character with the clairvoyance aspect may invoke it to get a bonus on perception both inside and outside of combat.

The psionic attribute when used with calirvoyance may be used in place of certain perception or knowledge rolls.

Clairvoyant stunts begin with Second Sight and build from there, as seen below.

  • Second Sight – allows a clairvoyant to use the psionic attribute to attack, defend, overcome, or create once per scene.
  • Spider Sense (lol) – A clairvoyant may use their psionic attribute to defend once per round, plus one additional time per fate point.
  • Mental Dodger – When a clairvoyant used their psionic attribute to defend that character may add a + 2 bonus.


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