The Early Days of Mars

Early Colonization

After the final earth war, the last of humanity hinged on the terraforming of Mars. Over a decade the workers at Black Mountain churned out precious materials which enabled the original Cog workers to move onto newer projects. After a decade of exploration and work, an artificial magnetosphere was created. This allowed the long and arduous work of creating and regulating a livable atmosphere.

United Space of Humanity

During the early years of Mars terraforming, a new more theological and controlling government started to manifest called the United Space of Humanity. This government merged theological and political ideas, based almost completely upon Christianity which made up the majority of the survivors. This altered the term religious freedom to include only Christianity, and major deviated are considered heresy. The two most important rules created during this time were as follows.

  • The government is the supreme form of clergy. No influence outside of man and god is allowed to intervene. (All Bishops are watched to make sure that no groups may influence his vote beyond those judges below him.)
  • Mankind was created by god, any attempt to alter his creation is blasphemy. (Humans are allowed to replace parts of themselves (i.e. cybernetics), but are not allowed to alter themselves (i.e. splicing, genetic engineering).)

After the Echo wars, the government added the following.

  • Artificial life is a creation of man, not god, and must not be allowed to circumvent his creation. (Cogs are not allowed to live as a human, including having sex with humans.)

Mar’s Terraformed

It was the during the first quarter of the 24th century when the people circling Mars were finally shuttled down, their own ships unable to survive reentering the atmosphere. By this time the atmosphere still wasn’t finished, however most building created during this time had secondary atmosphere systems. This allowed limited time outside, but the full atmosphere wouldn’t reach its current iteration until the early 25th century.

The Early Days of Mars

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