The Last Days of Earth

The Fuel Wars

During the late 21st century, earths fossil fuels became scarce. This fuel shortage lead to conflicts on a major scale as world powers made bids on controlling what was left of the worlds fuel supply. By the mid 22nd century there were only four nations left. The four nations were the United American Collation, the European Federation, the New Soviet Union, and Asia.

The United American Collation was started when the United States of America bloodily annexed Canada, Mexico, and all South America. Although one nation, the old USA controlled all the power of government, while the other parts remained considerably less well off and some would say used as second class citizens.

The European Federation grew from the European Union, eventually gaining England and all its holding and Africa. The Union changed into the Federation in the growing conflict, becoming increasingly militaristic and holding its boarders against both Asia and the New Soviet Union. Their primary government is a council made up of the presidents of each of the countries in the federation.

The New Soviet Union picked up strongly from were the previous had left off, as Russia strong armed their way into remaining a super power. Russia invaded all previous countries once associated with the old regime. The countries that joined the European Federation became the battlefield for many skirmishes. The New Soviet Union worked under a new form of communism that combined ideas from Stalinism and Marxism.

Asia grew from initial non aggression packs between Asian countries. Eventually China, Japan, and Korea would form the basis of a new government based primarily on parts of communism and feudalism. Their elimination of a perceived lower class became their leading form of control.

The Second Cold War

Conflict between the four nations slowed to a crawl by the mid 22nd century, as newer technologies finally gaped the fuel shortage. During this time each nation closed it boarders with mounting tensions focused on who would create the newest form of biological or technical warfare. The only two companies that would survive this time would be Omnicorp a technology focused company and Biocraft a biology focused company.

The Final Earth War

It was in the final years of the 22nd century that a new found desire to explore space occurred with each nation putting aside their differences. Two missions were started, one to build a station on the Moon while the other was to colonize Mars. Each started by sending 1st generation cogs in unmanned crafts that were reused for parts. The moon station was completed first within 5 years and filled to the brim with scientists by the next year. The mars mission took 3 years longer but when they were done the dome, which would later be called Black Mountain was done. Over the next 7 years they filled the colony using a 10 year work program, which people flocked to in droves. A common slogan was “You give us a decade, we’ll give you the rest.” None of those workers would get to see the money promised at the end of their 10 year contract. In December of 2215, several spacecraft were rushed into the sky holding politicians as well as the rich, the famous, and the influential. Their destination was to set up orbit around Mars, some didn’t make it, but those lost souls were only a fraction of the ones to come. A few hours after those final ships launch, Earths atmosphere was soaked in heavy radiation from several orbiting weapon satellites. No one knows who pushed the button first, but the final earth war had started and finished within 10 minutes. Billions of humans died, those that didn’t die outright, died either from the radiation, starvation, or by other survivors. Life still exists on Earth, but its a mockery of its former self.

The Last Days of Earth

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