United Space of Humanity

Government Information

Government Structure

The United Space of Humanity has three separate divisions that work in conjunction with each other. These divisions are the patrol, the agency, and the council.

  • The Patrol is the strong arm of the USH, working as army, police, and other emergency workers. Each colony has their own group of Patrol, which answers to their corresponding Judge. Its very common for Patrol units to be regularly cycled between colonies to promote solidarity, and combat complacency.
  • The Agency is composed of spies and moles that regularly infiltrates all places of government and business. Reports from the Agency are regularly submitted to Judges and the council, but the Agency does not directly answer to the council. The Agency is not completely autonomous however, and is regularly reviewed by the Patrol.
  • The Council is a senate made up of Bishops and a President who are all changed every cycle in a descending order based on colony. The Bishops have several Judges below them who control the day to day operations within their areas and answer directly to the Bishops.

United Space of Humanity

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